ERMI Environmental Relative Moldiness Index is a test developed by the EPA to standardize sampling. It specifically measures the mold burden in a home. ERMI collects spores and DNA from dust and presents mold analysis from a historical rather than a current perspective. It is a more extensive testing method and should be performed in concert with standard air sampling methods.

VOCs are chemical compounds that may be found in indoor air and many of these compounds are endocrine disruptors. They are the byproduct of cleaning, personal products, and materials off-gassing.

Off-gassing typically occurs after a renovation project or the new construction of a home or building.

Furniture and finishes, including paint, cabinets, carpet and flooring (and their adhesives), and foam insulation all off-gas VOCs.

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  • As both a female and veteran owned & operated company, it is an honor for us to provide a Military Discount to Service Members.

  • As former Home Inspectors, Our Diverse Experience in the Building & Construction Industry, lends Valuable Insight Into the Proper Functioning of Buildings.

  • Testing in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and Tennessee. Maximum 250 miles from Charlotte.

  • Full Investigation of Interior, Exterior & Crawl Space.

  • Air, Surface, Bulk & Moisture Testing & Sampling.

  • Infrared Inspections 

  • Typical Concerns Include Water or Plumbing Leaks.

  • Areas of Concern Are Bathrooms, Kitchens, Laundry Rooms, Roof Leaks, Window Leaks, and Subterranean Areas Not Properly Sealed, Crawl Spaces, Cracked or Wet Slabs, and HVAC Systems Not Functioning Properly. 


  • The Key to Controlling Mold, is Controlling Moisture.

  • Free inspections are misleading and typically performed by a company that is trying to sell crawl space remediation. Something you may or may not even need.

  • After our Mold & Air Quality findings, we have companies that we can recommend to you for remediation. Post remediation clearance testing is  highly recommended to ensure that your home has been properly restored to safe and clean conditions.

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"Healthy indoor air is recognized as a basic right. People spend a large part of their time each day indoors: in homes, offices, schools, health care facilities, or other private or public buildings. The quality of the air they breathe in those buildings is an important determinant of their health and well-being. The inadequate control of indoor air quality therefore creates a considerable health burden. Indoor air pollution – such as from dampness and mold, chemicals and other biological agents – is a major cause of morbidity and mortality worldwide." -World Health Organization


“You simply will not find a more thorough or trustworthy mold inspector out there than Shannon Lavery of MG Inspection Group. She worked with our family over a period of two years, from initial mold inspection and testing of our home, to assisting us in a lawsuit against a mold remediation company that failed to do its job, to three sets of mold testing while another remediation company struggled to make our house safe and livable again. Shannon is also one of the nicest people you will meet. I cannot recommend her highly enough."

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“Shannon was great! I am a Realtor and my client hired Shannon to come out for a mold inspection on a home he planned to purchase. She was very thorough when she was looking for the mold. She actually educated us on mold and what to use to get rid of it. While Shannon was there just for a mold inspection, she still pointed out other things that our Home Inspector failed to mention to us or put on their report. My client was so impressed with Shannon that after backing out of the "Mold House" called Shannon for his next inspection. I highly recommend calling Shannon.”

Josh G.
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“We contacted Shannon and her team at the recommendation of our realtor. They  are very knowledgeable in all aspects of inspecting and took the time to explain everything we needed to know as first time home buyers. They did such an amazing job and now we are living in our beautiful first home thanks to Shannon's crew! ”

Jessica M.

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"Shannon spent a long while at my home answering all of my questions - she also allowed my 4 yo to help her get samples and was so kind to my children. After we got our results and had the remediation company come - I called her and asked a ton more questions. She was patient, pulled up our report and gave me more information, made me feel calm and answered many more of my questions. This is more than a business...this is a person who cares about what she is doing. Highly recommend MG Inspection Group!"

Avee B.

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“Shannon is the best inspector I have ever seen!! She doesn't miss a thing! This is the second time we used her and we were not disappointed! She is excellent and we highly recommend her to anyone who needs an indoor air quality and/or mold inspection! ❤"

Chris M

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